get real estate leads

How to get real estate leads?

Are you tired of having to figure out how to  get Real Estate leads from buyers that are ready, willing and able to buy from YOU right NOW??

Having prospects to tell you “I’m only looking” or “I can not afford” is probably the worse you can hear isn’t it?

There is no trick or catch, it simply requires the following things:

  1. Choose a high profile farming area.
  2. Develop a website/blog with a URL that is specific to that condo, community or area.
  3. Create forms in the website with filters that keep prospects of low profile from contacting you.
  4. Open Social Media profiles of the farming area in addition to your personal accounts.
  5. Finally, become the Queen or King of that farming area

Even If you are new in the business and nobody’s ever heard of  you, this is system that works. I am not suggesting you will get referrals the next day but, I can assure you that there is always a possibility to hit a jackpot in little time.

Let me be more specific here:

Choosing a real estate farming area

Focus is the “Keyword” here. Choose a condo, community or segment that has the client’s profile you want to work with.  This way, you are targeting the type of prospect buyers you want to get. Now a days people that are on the market to buy real estate look for very specific places; “places they want to live in”. No real buyer searches for the word homes for sale, or Miami Real Estate. People now have a very good idea of the area, community or even condo they want to live in; thus searching for those specific keywords.

It is not hard to rank on the first page of search engines when you are only competing for one specific “keyword”. It does take having the right tools and that’s what we are going to talk about next.

The perfect real estate website or blog

This is the most effective way to get real estate leads that are legit. When developing a website or blog about your farming area, make sure you look as legit as the clients you are trying to attract. I have run into real estate websites promoting high end homes or projects that are very outdated and poorly designed. Prospect buyer searching for condos in Miami Beach that find one of these ugly looking websites, go immediately to the next link. This is common sense, if you are trying to sell high-end properties, you better look and have a high-end looking website.

I know what you are thinking. High-end looking websites, are very expensive. That was until recently a true statement but I gotta tell you, times change and so do the way real estate web development companies do business.

Contact forms on the  real estate website

This is done by placing “Calls to Action” through out your website that are inviting prospect buyers to contact you. Giving enough information to prospect buyers is important but never give them “All”. In other words, if you have an IDX website limit your searches so the clients can register and you can get their information. If the condo or community you chose has floor-plans available, give them a preview of them. In this case, you can add a button where they can click to request all floor plans in high resolution. There are many different ways to add “Call to action buttons and forms throughout your website or blog. Always ask your developer to add as many as possibly without being overdone.

Social Media profiles

Remember the part of looking “legit”? Well, as part of the process, it is important to play the part well. With this, I mean for you to look like you breathe and are truly the “go to” professional to go to. Let’s say you want to be the queen or king of the Estates at Acqualina  Residences in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. Then this is enough reason to create a page on Instagram and Facebook about this luxury community. This is also a great way to connect your website with your social media networks, thus increasing your SEO “Search Engine Optimization” capabilities.

It takes some time and commitment to be the number one prospects choose in this competitive industry. Specially when a bunch of people do exactly the same thing you do. This is the reason why it is important to do things differently, so you can stand out among the rest.