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Real Estate Social Media and Blogging

CREW Miami is a true pioneer for Real Estate Social Media and Real Estate Blogging, most of all because all we use WordPress. In a networking era, real estate WordPress websites are esencial. Because they showcase in the most effective way your MLS listings and services.

Most importantly, Social Media Websites and Blogging help you create credibility and a strong online presence.

The most effective way to communicate with your audience, is through Real Estate Blogging and Social Media Websites. Prospect clients and future customers have access to these social platforms, and you need to be a part of them.

Let me put it this way. About 85% of people that is in the market to buy Real Estate, start their search online. Websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the number one search engines for these queries. Because of Facebook’s real estate groups, people are now searching for properties there.

Lately a new trend has been stablished. Sharing your listings and services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, have been proven to be a great strategy. Hence, when buyers are ready to make a deal; they will inquiry from actual real estate websites most of the time.

It is time to increase your business and credibility in a competitive real estate industry.

The Importance of Real Estate Blogging

real estate social mediaA Real Estate Professional is required to create trust and credibility. Not only about yourself and your services but also to educate your targeted prospect clients. Think about it, what happens when a prospect buyers performs a search for a property?. First of all, they will find several real estate websites to pick from.

Usually these potential clients will open at least 3 to 5 different sites. This is before they make a decision, and most likely they will pick the Real Estate Website or blog based on how relevant, clear and informative the information is.

Once you have attracted these visitors to your site, you only have one chance to make them stay. That is to have a user friendly, easy to navigate and powerful Real Estate Social Media Website.

 The Importance of Real Estate Social Media

real estate social mediaThere are several components to be a successful Real Estate Professional. We have briefly talked about Blogging. Writing about your services, is one of the esencial tools to let the world know what you do and how you do it. What’s next? Real Estate Social Media Websites are the link between your blog and the most popular networking sites. A Personal blog with the capabilities to sharing your information with Social Media sites is great. Having a personal Real Estate Website is also great!. But what if you could have everything “blog, social media sharing and a property search in one place?

CREW Miami saw the need to create a product exclusively for Real Estate Professionals.

Our “All in One” Real Estate Social Media Websites are the solution you have been waiting for. We scientifically develop Real Estate Websites on WordPress as our main platform. WordPress is the most technologically advanced blogging system there is and the number 9 most visited site in the world.

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