Web app for real estate

Real Estate Web Applications

In today’s industry, Real Estate Web Applications have been created to aid us be more competitive. I am pleased to acknowledge some of them.

I once heard the phrase “Evolve or die”. It is very simple, if we are not up to evolving, we will eventually get left behind. In conclusion, “The ones that are willing and able to adapt to the new ways of doing business will remain standing”. While the ones with old ways and attachments will either have to catch up or remain in the past.

With that said, here is a list of the The 5 Most important web apps forReal Estate that are not optional but rather crucial.

The days when a real estate agent’s website was nothing but an online resume and a business card are gone. Today, prospective clients searching for properties want much more than that. Real estate professionals are now looking for more than just a basic website, they want something unique and memorable, something creative and with their own personal touch. If you were able to provide everything to a customer, here is the lowdown.

5 Important Real Estate Web Applications and Elements

Real Estate Web ApplicationsA Solid Administrator Platform.

There are many low-cost and even free platforms out there that are very easy to install and manage. One of the most popular for Content Management System is WordPress. WP is an open source “blogging system”  (something vital for real estate professionals). WordPress allows you to manage the content of your Real Estate Website.  Most importantly, if you like a specific look and feel for your real estate site or any custom feature that is not available, qualified WP developers and designers can create it.


Real Estate Web ElementsLead Generation Tools.

If your Real Estate Website is built properly, it should be able to replace your office. Real Estate Web Applications will allow you to do everything you already do. Things like email marketing, time management, scheduling appointments, direct mail, MLS property search, social media, etc. Once you have attracted prospect clients to you real estate website, your only goal is to convert those visitors into “Closed Sales”. Therefore, access your leads from anywhere and track their activity. Organize your contacts, share files and create lead capture forms. As a result, you will not only be more proficient but it will also put you ahead of your competition.


IDX Real Estate Websites Customized Property Search.

About 80% of Real Estate Property Searches start online. This is the main reason why a real estate website must have very strong property search features. IDX technology is a very powerful tool. IDX allows to search the entire MLS system right from your real estate website. You can create custom property searches for your website. Highlight communities, condos or areas. When you create you real estate website make sure you have a property search tool that is efficient and user friendly.


Real Estate Web ElementsMultimedia Integration.

Your visitors greatly appreciate gallery images and videos because they are interactive. If you know how to add a picture to your MLS listings, then you can add visual content to your Real Estate Website. Always remember, Google and other search engines decide who wins the race for Real Estate SEO based on the integration of relevant text and images.



Real Estate Web Elements

Social Media Integration.

Now a days most real estate professionals are part of a networking community such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, youtube etc. If you are already part of the networking era, your real estate website is the perfect hub to feature all of these networking sites. Adding a link of your personal networking pages to your real estate website, will let your clients have access of everything you are up to and want them to know.

To reach and retain today’s real estate buyers and sellers, your website must have all these components. CREW Miami builds and designs Creative Real Estate Websites using WordPress as a platform.

For more details and information please visit: http://crewmiami.com